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Maleextra - Pour des erctions puissantes et fortes

What is MaleExtra?

MaleExtra is intended only for men who have a soft bandage, lack libido and suffer from sexual disorders. It is a food supplement characterized by capsules and sold in a small black box from 48 euros.

In addition, MaleExtra is made from seven natural components. These components all have therapeutic properties, making MaleExtra the best supplement for the irrigation of the penis. It helps to solve the problems of too short erections, lack of virility, sexual weakness, low libido.

To verify the effectiveness of MaleExtra, several medical researchers have used more than 11 clinical references. It has been found that daily use of MaleExtra not only helps to solve erection problems, but also to correct a man’s sexual impotence in the long term. This is not the case with other products such as Viagra, whose principle is only to allow you to have a strong erection during sexual intercourse, and this, for a set period of time.

In fact, it should be noted that taking MaleExtra in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, not only puts an end to your erection problems, but also increases the size of your penis during erection. With this supplement, get rid of your sexual problems and make way for hot nights with your partner.

And to show you that MaleExtra is not a scam, we’ve found some opinions from people who have already tested it. However, before we can give you any opinions and testimonials, we need to understand how MaleExtra works and what is meant by sexual dysfunction.

What’s in the composition of Male Extra?

The product Male Extra is made from active ingredients, which are known to be effective in treating sexual problems. There are seven specific, complementary and important ingredients in one capsule of Male Extra that are important in the fight against erectile dysfunction in men.


The main component found in the male extra food supplement is L-arginine. It is an amino acid that is often found in the human body in the form of nitric oxide. It is the main ingredient of male extra, because it allows, thanks to nitric oxide, to widen and improve the blood vessels by giving them tonus. This facilitates the irrigation and erection of the penis.

In fact, L-arginine, once in the penis, will increase the blood flow which will cause the dilation of the blood vessels. This alpha-amino acid is also beneficial for strengthening bones and providing a lot of energy. However, it is found in foods such as brown rice, oats, fish, nuts, red meat, buckwheat and dairy products. It is very beneficial for the body and that is why it is very present in the extra male supplement. Approximately 600 milligrams of L-arginine are found in one capsule of male extra.

Extracts of Ellagic acid

Naturally present in the pomegranate, ellagic acid is the second component of the extra male complement. It is an antioxidant of polyphenol origin, with pharmacological virtues. It is often found in Asian fruits and vegetables such as pomegranates, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, chestnuts and pecans.

Very powerful antioxidant and rich in vitamins B and C, it perfectly improves blood circulation. This promotes a good and long-lasting erection. Moreover, it should be noted that ellagic acid also fights against aging, fatigue and cell cleansing. The founders of Male extra have therefore relied on the different properties of this acid to show its effectiveness. There are about 500 milligrams of ellagic acid in one capsule of Male extra.

The MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM is the third ingredient in the extra male supplement. Also called dimethylsulfone, it is an organic mineral that comes from sulfur and is often used as an analgesic for joint pain and arthrosis. It also helps fight against aging by strengthening collagen. It is very beneficial for your health because it improves your blood circulation and helps maintain your erection. This is why it is found in the male extra.

In addition, it is also involved in the renewal of tissues and cells of the penis, especially in the elderly. As the penis is a collection of cavernous tissue, with age, it can crumble.


You can never talk about libido enhancement without talking about zinc. Known by everyone, especially men. Zinc is a very important and effective mineral for strengthening a man’s virility. It is the fourth component of the extra male supplement. Zinc is specialized in the formation of the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is the element that reinforces men’s libido and helps to prolong the erection of the penis.

Indeed, zinc is very rich in all food supplements, especially those used in sports halls. It thus promotes the development of muscles. At the sexual level, it allows to increase the desire in the man during sexual intercourse by stimulating the brain. The man’s body in response to these stimuli will trigger an imposing and lasting erection of the penis. Zinc is thus the basis for successful sexuality.


L-methionine is the fifth ingredient found in an extra male capsule. A bit like the opposite of L-Arginine, L-methionine is an amino acid that blocks the production of histamine and acts on the duration of the erection and not its quality.

In fact, there is a molecule that allows the penis to ejaculate quickly: histamine. A high level of this molecule causes premature ejaculation. So the main role of methionine is to reduce the level of histamine in the body in order to delay ejaculation. Sexual intercourse thus offers more pleasure and durability, all for the pleasure of both lovers.


It’s good to have a fit, well-toned genitalia that can achieve an erection over a long period of time. However, you should not put aside the libido, the trigger of orgasm. A fulfilling sex life depends on the number of orgasms you receive during intercourse. So what is the role of cordyceps?

Indeed, cordyceps is an extremely rare and very expensive fungus. It is often found in China and Asia. It is a natural aphrodisiac whose role is to trigger all your senses during the sexual act, namely: touch, taste, smell, sight. It activates sexual stimuli in the brain, which leads to strong excitement, improved libido and sexual functions.


Niacin is the last ingredient of the extra male supplement. Its role is simple and is completed with arginine.

In fact, niacin refers to vitamin B3. It causes the dilation of the blood vessels, once in the penis, which causes a long-lasting erection.

How does MaleExtra work?

Maleextra can be obtained without a prescription at the pharmacy because it is classified as a dietary supplement. However, to understand how this supplement works on male sexual dysfunction problems, we need to go back to biology courses. Indeed, the male genital system is composed of a corpus cavernosum, an erector nerve and two arteries.

The corpus cavernosum, together with the arteries, serve for blood circulation in the penis. The erectile nerve is the main and sensitive element of the penis. It transmits the stimuli from foreplay during sexual intercourse to the brain and then to the penis. Once the penis is stimulated, it causes the cGMP to increase. This is a nucleotide that causes the contraction of the muscles in the corpora cavernosa of the penis. When the corpus cavernosum is filled with blood due to the contractions, the penis becomes larger, but erections are still recorded.

The erection occurs when the amount of blood in the penis becomes large. The muscles are still contracted to trap this amount of blood to make the erection last. As the semen exits the penis, the muscles relax, releasing the amount of blood that was trapped. This is how a good erection is achieved.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction occurs when the amount of blood in the penis is less, the muscles fail to contract to trap the blood, or when the blood circulation of the corpus cavernosum and blood vessels is degraded.

The male extra supplement, thanks to its components, works on the dilation of the blood vessels to allow an important rise of blood in the penis. It also works on the brain by providing more sexual stimuli, which triggers blood circulation. Note that without the sexual stimuli, there will be no dilation of the blood vessels.

What positive effects can be seen after taking MaleExtra and how quickly?

After using MaleExtra, you should expect to have a good erection after three to four weeks of use. If you continue your treatment for up to three to six months, you will see a dramatic change in your sexual activity. You will notice that the user’s penis becomes harder with an erection that becomes bigger, stronger and longer lasting.

In addition, there is also a small increase in penis size during erection in some men. It should be noted that this is the consequence of using the MaleExtra supplement over the long term. However, if you leave the treatment halfway through, you will not get all the benefits of MaleExtra. It is therefore recommended that you take MaleExtra over a long period of time.

Side effects of the MaleExtra supplement

As mentioned above, since MaleExtra is made from natural ingredients, there are no side effects. However, it should be noted that MaleExtra is intended for men over the age of 18. If you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment, it is best to ask your doctor for advice before you start using MaleExtra.

 It is important to follow the dosage of use and not to mix products, for example taking viagra while on MaleExtra is dangerous and unnecessary.

How do I use the MaleExtra supplement?

When using MaleExtra, it is important to know that there are a total of 90 capsules in each bottle. One bottle represents one month’s treatment.

In addition, the duration of treatment will depend on the final goal you wish to achieve. If you want to increase the size of your penis by a few centimetres during an erection, we recommend treatments lasting a minimum of 3 to 6 months.

In addition, to use MaleExtra daily, we recommend taking 3 capsules per day. This represents about 1500 milligrams of all active ingredients. You can take your capsules at any time of the day. However, it is preferable to take them at mealtimes to make it a habit so that you do not forget.

Note that once you have reached your goal during the course of the MaleExtra treatment, you can stop the treatment at any time. This will not put your health at risk and you will still maintain your power and your new sexual performance.


Benefits of MaleExtra

We have registered several advantages, namely:

MaleExtra is very effective: it allows you to regain a very fulfilling sex life in less than a month. The meticulous studies that have been done on this supplement with the few tests that have been carried out prove its effectiveness. In addition, apart from a good quality erection, MaleExtra makes your erection last longer and increases the size of your penis.

MaleExtra is very easy to use: to get results within the first few weeks, all you need to do is swallow three capsules of MaleExtra every day. You can take it at any time of the day. No need to wait for sexual intercourse before starting your treatment.

MaleExtra is 100% natural: made with natural products, MaleExtra is safe for your health.

The product is certified: MaleExtra has been on the market for about 15 years. It is a product resulting from many years of research. Tested and approved by several men, MaleExtra is very reliable.


The only disadvantage of this supplement is its price, which is very high. For a one-month treatment, you need about 60 euros. However, manufacturers, in order to find a solution to this disadvantage, often promote the product. This makes it possible to buy vials for several months of treatments and save a lot of money.

MaleExtra supplement Reviews 

The opinions on MaleExtra are multiple and very positive. This supplement has been around for 15 years, different from other products, and has proven its effectiveness several times.

For consumers, the MaleExtra supplement is risk-free, it has changed their lives by giving them the opportunity to be gods in bed again!

Where can I get the MaleExtra?

The opinions on MaleExtra are multiple and very positive. This supplement has been around for 15 years, different from other products, and has proven its effectiveness several times.

For consumers, the MaleExtra supplement is risk-free, it has changed their lives by giving them the opportunity to be gods in bed again!

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